Support and advice

Posithiva Gruppen offers different types of support and advice for people living with HIV.


Legal advice and other support

Posithiva Gruppen’s office can help you with:

  • legal advice on issues such as migration, discrimination and health insurance.
  • contact with public authorities, such as the Swedish Social Security Agency. Filling in forms, phone calls, etc.
  • formulation and design of CVs and cover letters.
  • interpretation and explanation of documents in Swedish, English and Spanish. Other languages on request. For example, this could be decisions and letters from public authorities.
  • contact with doctors, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists or other health professionals. Support on how to raise issues such as the obligation to disclose one’s HIV-positive status and side effects.
  • information on how different social functions in Sweden are structured and work.

If you are looking for a specific person in the office, then please make an appointment for a visit. Here you can find the office contact details.


Peer support – someone to talk to

Have you just found out that you have HIV or have you had it for some time? Would you like someone to talk to? Someone like you living with HIV. There may be a lot that is new when you have learned you’re HIV positive and you may have a lot of questions and thoughts. It can be good to have someone who listens, understands and can share their experiences.

Posithiva Gruppen offers peer support. This means receiving support from someone who shares your experience. Peers are people with different experiences, backgrounds, ages and genders, but with the common denominator of living with HIV. The conversation is on your terms and the peers are bound by professional secrecy.

You can talk to one of our peers in English, Swedish or Spanish. If you need support in another language, a telephone interpreter is available.

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3P - Positive Pregnancy Peers

For people who are pregnant 

3P – Positive Pregnancy Peers is a programme for people living with HIV who would like support before, during and after their pregnancy.

Do you have questions about living with HIV and having children in Sweden? Are you feeling anxious about your pregnancy or birth? Do you need support to deal with your HIV diagnosis, to understand how healthcare works or what your rights are? Would you like someone to talk to who is also living with HIV and who has been pregnant and given birth?

Through 3P, you can meet a peer supporter who shares your experience.

Read more about 3P.

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