3P – Positive Pregnancy Peers (English)

3P – Positive Pregnancy Peers

3P – Positive Pregnancy Peers is a new project for pregnant people living with HIV. The purpose of the project is to empower pregnant people living with HIV in Sweden through peer support. 

Become a peer supporter

We are currently looking for peer supporters. Are you someone living with HIV who has gone through the journey of pregnancy and birth? Would you like to help other people living with HIV to feel secure and empowered before, during, and after a pregnancy? Contact us!

As a peer supporter, you will receive training in how to identify support needs and how to support pregnant people living with HIV in a meaningful way. The basic training takes place over one weekend. After that, you will get the opportunity to develop your skills further through contact with other peer supporters and additional training based on requests. The role is flexible and can be adapted to suit you. You will also receive a small payment.

In peer support, lived experience is considered invaluable. Today, peer support from trained peer supporters is a tried and tested method with good results in several countries. The method has been shown to have several health benefits for pregnant people living with HIV.

Receive support

Everyone with HIV who is pregnant, plan to get pregnant, or has recently given birth will be able to receive support through 3P. Our goal is to provide everyone who seeks support through 3P with the means to feel more secure and empowered, as well as the tools to make informed decisions regarding pregnancy and childbirth.

People born outside Sweden are over-represented among pregnant people living with HIV. We therefore work actively to include people born outside Sweden in 3P.

During the period 2022–2024, we plan to establish local support groups in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, and Umeå. This way, we aim to make 3P’s support activities available to pregnant people with HIV throughout the country.

A project financed by Arvsfonden

3P is financed by Allmänna arvsfonden, a Swedish State fund that helps support non-profit organisations.

med stöd från Allmänna arvsfonden


Isabella Gidlund is the project leader for 3P. Contact Isabella.

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